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  • Marie Lowe - Matt's Birthday Party

Kenia, you were great! I loved the service and will definitely use you guys again.

  • Jose Romero - Cumpleaño De Mi Hijo Rudy

Aqui en Miami es dificil encontrar profesionales que de verdad saben dar ayuda y mira que yo soy exigente pero ustedes me pudieron asistir hasta el ultimo detalle. Lo voy a seguir usando siempre y los recomendare a todos.


  • Maria M.- Fiesta De Despedida

Les doy las gracias por ayudarme con la despedida de mi papá. Que contento estaba el de principio a fin. Me alegra que hayan podido hacerlo todo a la perfeccion por que el se llevo tremendo recuerdo para Cuba.


  • Stephanie Williams - My Wedding

Thank you sooo much Jenn!! You were such an unbelievable help planning our wedding. We loved every minute of the day and I just don't know what we would have done without you. I was so busy with work these past few months and it was so nice knowing that you were supporting me in the planning and making sure that everything was getting done. I never would have thought of all the littlest details that you planned and coordinated right down to, how in the world do we cut the cake?! Our wedding was so lovely - unique and personal. You brought so many wonderful, creative ideas to the table. So many people have told us that they loved different aspects of our wedding. I really appreciate your help and ideas for how I could make it special for my guests, because that was very important to me. You were such a joy to work with and very comforting to me in my stressful moments. Thank you again for everything.


  • Belinda Matthews - My Daughter's Wedding

I can't believe it's already March 23'rd! I still haven't recovered from everything, Ha! I was very pleased with the wedding! Tracy looked beautiful. Her dress was perfect for the day! Jeffrey looked great. I was very pleased with the flowers. I thought they looked beautiful. I was very pleased with the officiant! She was professional yet very personable. Kenia and her staff were fabulous! The cake was very good and just what the Bride ordered. I viewed the photos also. My favorites are of Tracy with her hands by her neck viewing her pearls, the ones of Jeffrey & Tracy looking at the ceremony site from at the top of the deck, and of Tracy and Jeffrey in black & white getting ready to feed each other cake. O.K. what have I left out? Oh yeah, YOU! Thanks to you my daughter still speaks to me and I still speak to her! Ha! Seriously, you were wonderful. Thank you so much for all your hard work. Knowing you were going to be there the day of the wedding was sooooo reassuring. When you first met with Tracy, myself, and Todd you asked us to write down 3 words that described how we pictured the wedding. I think I wrote beautiful, simple, memorable... and I think we accomplished that. Thank you again for everything. Send me an e-mail once in a while just to say "Hi". I'm serious about giving out a recommendation if you ever need one - just say the word. Kisses and hugs.


  • Mr. and Mrs. Rodriguez - Our Baby Shower

THANK YOU GUYS SO SO SO MUCH! When we had thought about having to stop by a bunch of party places to find what I needed I dreaded the idea but it was so nice to know that you guys had it all. You guys took over completely and did things our way. Thank you so much for that because with this belly It would have been extremely hard for us. Leo was worried about how things were going to turn out but it ended up being just lovely. I also love the fact that all your supplies are brand new unike other ones we had seen that were even dirty. Wow I am so glad we chose you :)


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